What is SIFTS? How does it work?

How does it work?

The SIFTS is a web-based survey tool from which IEP team members can select statements that best represent their student's strengths and needs, targeted tasks the AT will support and environments where the tasks will occur within a selected domain of AT. A profile of the student is built based on responses to the survey. Then, SIFTS matches AT features to the statements selected by the team, and a final list of AT feature considerations are sorted into categories. Additionally, for each feature, optional video, pictures and text descriptions are available to users who wish to learn more.

The AT features generated based on survey responses can be submitted into the links of other search engines and databases such as Google, the TechMatrix and AbleData to find assistive technologies that contain the identified features. Ultimately, the matched products can be considered by the team and trialed with the student.